After years of on-again off-again planning our round the world trip we have done something most people would think we are crazy for. We sold our house! The only home we have lived in since we got married. The house the kids came home from the hospital to. The home we have spent years fixing and renovating. The home we have had many arguments and fun times in. It is the home we will miss.


As you can see, the kids aren’t overjoyed to be leaving their home.


It was with great trepidation we listed our home of 16 years. But, once it was listed everything happened so fast. In just 4 days we had a signed offer in our hands. We are so excited to have sold our home, a place that holds so many wonderful memories for us, to a young couple that will make their own wonderful memories in it.

Now we are purging, purging and purging some more. Packing the treasures and stuffing if all into storage. All this before April 14th. It’s not going to be an easy task for some members of our family (right Len!). But we are motivated and the new owners are probably driving by monitoring our progress.

Now check out our new homes. Four bright and shiny backpacks that will see just as many good times as our house. A whole lots less room for “stuff”, but home isn’t about the stuff its about the people; and we are so excited to be doing with together.


Our homes for the next 12 months.



Are we crazy? We’ll let you decide.