imagePeople always say “it seems like yesterday” and “enjoy them because they grow so fast”. These words could not be truer. Thirteen years ago today Noah entered this world and made our lives so much fuller. We are so proud to be his parents, he makes our job so easy.

13 things we love about you Noah.
1. We love how smart you are.
2. We love how caring and compassionate your are.
3. We love how willing you are to try new things (with the exception of foods).
4. We love that you have chosen to surround yourself with great friends.
5. We love how you look out for your sister (most of the time).
6. We love your crazy sense of humor.
7. We love that you can be very focused on what you want to achieve.
8. We love that you enjoy reading.
9. We love that you enjoy family movie nights.
10. We love your sense of adventure.
11. We love how you freely share with us and others.
12. We love your willingness to co-operate and compromise, to work things out.
13. We love seeing you smile and laugh.

We love you Noah, we so happy to celebrate you and all your awesomeness.