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Written by Roxanne & Len
Current Location – Almunecar
Weather – 30C

First and foremost we would like to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day. Being away from Canada these last 10 weeks and seeing other parts of the world has really made us appreciate being Canadian. So as you are enjoying your BBQed burgers and beers remember how great it is to be Canadian.

Now, I know you are probably wondering where the updates are from walking the Camino. Well, most days we did not have access to wifi, and the days that we did, we were just too tired to even put two words together.

While we work on our posts from South America and the Camino, we thought we would let you know where we are now. Currently, Noah is volunteering for two weeks with Diverbo. We dropped him off on Sunday, June 29th and will pick him up on July 12th. He has been looking forward to volunteering for months, so we hope it lives up to all his expectations. As parents, we couldn’t be more proud of him.

While Noah is volunteering the rest of us we have made our way down from Madrid to Almunecar, Spain. Almunecar is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. We have rented a little apartment that looks out to the sea. We can hear the waves rolling in, feel the sun warm us, and easily walk to the nearest ice cream store. Life could not get any better. There is no doubt that we will enjoy the next two weeks here in Almunecar; and we promise to update our blog.

View from out balcony

View from our balcony

You are probably wondering where we are going from here. That has not been decided upon. But we have decided we do not want to go anywhere that is even remotely cold or cooler. We love the sun.

Now we are going to go make our Canada Day supper and enjoy a cold beer too, just a European beer, and maybe a bottle of wine too (because the cost was $1.30 a bottle).