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Today marks our 100th day of travel. We can hardly believe how time has flown by. We have done and seen so much. We are really learning how to live with each other, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There have been many eruptions but also a lot of laughs. In the past 100 days we have been to Mexico, (a couple of hours layover in San Salvador city of El Salvador), Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Spain. Our modes of transportation have included; airplane, slow and  train, public bus, tour bus, vans (which South Americans commonly refer to as buses), taxi, private and rental cars, in the box of a ½ ton truck, golf cart, public ferry, boats (10 passenger cruise boat; wooden boat with an outboard; wooden tour boats for 25 or so people; small wooden ferry boat; hand-built boat made of reeds; and Aurora has gotten to Kayak in the Mediterranean Sea). Our accommodations have varied greatly too; we have slept in a salt hotel; a high-rise building with local family who provided us bedrooms, meals and insight into their country and city; apartments/condos for rent; hostels; Albergues; guest house; hotels and yes, even a stranger. The quality of our accommodations has ranged from tolerable to perfect. Other places slept have included tour buses, airplanes, airports, trains and for the kids the back seat of our rental car. Our adventures have included, standing half in the northern hemisphere and half in the southern hemisphere at the equator, walking the Camino, snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean (Galapagos) with sharks, turtles, sea lions and schools of exotic fish; touring 2 Modern Wonders of the World; seeing world renowned artwork, going to school to learn a new language (Spanish); visiting an Island in Lake Titicaca (the highest navigable lake in the world, at 3912 meters above sea level) and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean.

To sum up our time together, we each answered a few questions you may have been wondering about.

1. What has been the highlight(s) of your first 100 days on the road?
Aurora – The first day of our whole trip.
Noah – Going to Machu Picchu.
Roxanne – Walking the Camino together and standing in front of the Cathedral with such pride in what we had just accomplished together.
Len – Swimming with sharks and other sea creatures (OK, I was just really snorkeling).

2. Tell one thing that put you out of your comfort zone.
Aurora – All the ladies at the beach not wearing a bathing suit top.
Noah – Going to Diverbo because I was the youngest kid there and they thought I was 16.
Roxanne – Letting Noah volunteer for two weeks all by himself. I think we both grew from that experience.
Len – Driving a rental car in Madrid (thankfully with a GPS).

3. What are you most proud of?
Aurora – Everything we have done so far.
Noah – Volunteering in Spain with Diverbo.
Roxanne – Walking the Camino as a family; of Noah for volunteering in Spain; of Aurora for going to summer camp in Spain; of Len for starting to learn to go with this flow and just enjoy the moment.
Len – Walking the Camino as a family.

4. What is one of the things you like least about the trip so far?
Aurora – Not being able to stay in contact with my friends; having to do schoolwork
Noah – The sunburn I got while in Mexico
Roxanne – Packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking. You get the picture.
Len – The “insane driving” of South American’s.

5. What are you looking forward to doing within the next 9 months?
Aurora – Going to Australia to see koalas.
Noah – Seeing Oceania (mostly Australia).
Roxanne – Accomplishing more family challenges like the Camino.
Len – Experiencing another culture and language, a change from the Spanish countries we have been in for the past 100 days.

6. What do you miss most about home?
Aurora – My friends and just Canada my country.
Noah – My own room.
Roxanne – Space and real coffee (I can hardly wait for a Tim’s).
Len – Having my own space, and it being permanent. I don’t like constantly moving from place to place and settling in just have to move again and readjust to a brand new space.

7. What is the funniest thing that has happened in the past 100 days?
Aurora – Almost falling out of the golf cart when in Mexico.
Noah – When a sea lion popped up behind me and blew bubbles while I was snorkeling.
Len – Trying to salsa dance, and thinking that I really could learn it, then seeing the video of it to prove that I didn’t.

8. Funniest quotes:
Aurora – “Why didn’t he put clothes on them?” Said about Picasso’s paintings when visiting the Picasso Museum in Malaga Spain
Noah – “Are we going to rent a golf cart?” – said when we were going to Chechen Itza.
Len – “It looks like something you would see in the Mediterranean” (we were in the Mediterranean)

9.What is one thing you learned that didn’t expect to learn?.
Aurora – Spanish, I thought it would have hard but I learned a few words. About the Incas.
Noah – That I was more outgoing and friendly than I thought (learned at Diverbo).
Roxanne – I learned that the cashiers at the grocery stores in Almunecar get annoyed when you understand what they are saying in Spanish. I love it. It truly makes me happy to tell them I do not need a grocery bag and when they ask in Spanish.

10 What is your favorite country visited so far and why?
Aurora – Mexico, because it was such a nice relaxing start to our holiday.
Noah – Peru, because it the landscape was so pretty.
Roxanne – It would be Peru because that is where Cusco is. I loved Cusco and could have stayed there.
Len – Peru, because the all the ancient history and culture we saw.

We look forward to the remaining 265 days, knowing they will be filled with challenges and opportunities, frustration and laughter. If there is one thing the past 100 days has taught us, it is that we are able to take on what this crazy adventure can throw at us with stride and pride.
What is in store for the Family Bucketeers?

We are leaving Almunecar on July 29th and going to Gibraltar to see the British Monkeys, then off to Seville for a few days before we catch our flight to Paris. We are looking forward to seeing the Eiffel Tower.