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Wow, it has been a while.  Thanks for our readers that continue to check in on us.  We are currently on the Island of Koh Samui, Thailand.  We plan to enjoy Christmas here and fly back to Bangkok on December 27th.  We are not totally sure where we are going at that time.  Any suggestions?

A big THANK YOU to our readers that continue to check in on us.  Since leaving Italy we spent 6 days in Athens, Greece before flying to Istanbul.  We spent a month traveling around Turkey and enjoyed some of what Turkey has to offer.  Wow, it is an amazing country!  Then we made a quick trip back to Saskatchewan, Canada to attend my Grandmother’s funeral.

We left Saskatchewan and arrived in Bangkok, Thailand on December 4th.  Since adjusting to the time difference we have been enjoying our time in Bangkok, Ayutthaya (city North of Bangkok) and now in Koh Samui.

Because you have been such loyal followers we are planning on “Turning Back the Clock” and posting on our travels that have been missed so far.  Wait for these, as they will be posted over the upcoming week.