Written by Roxanne



We rang in the New Year in Siem Reap, Cambodia along with 40,000 or so other people. Most of those celebrating were Cambodian sprinkled with tourists. We had asked around and everyone said the place to be on New Year’s Eve was Pub Street. We weren’t sure that was for us considering we had two kids in tow. We looked at a few other options but decided they were a little too costly. In the end we joined the party goers on Pub Street.

We made our way down to Pub Street (which is only about ½ km from our villa) around 6:30 looking for a place to eat. The first thing we noticed is that Pub Street is a very long street lined with foreign restaurants serving foreign food, bars serving cheap beer, neon signs with burnt out letters, music blaring from every bar and shop, foot massage parlors offering a 10 minute massage for $1 and tuk tuk drivers lazily sitting, waiting for their next customer.

We wondered up and down Pub Street window shopping and looking for a place to eat that would make all the picky eaters in our family happy.   Scouring menu after menu we finally found a spot with a roof top terrace; a perfect spot with people watch.  Slowly the street got fuller and fuller. The closer it got to midnight, more people we saw walking the streets skipping beer from their huge beer bottles.


When we were done eating and had our share of people watching we made our way down stairs to find the best place for a foot massage. Ah, 30 minutes foot and shoulder massage for $3. Perfect! After months the abusing our feet they needed a little pampering and believe me, our shoulders have been so abused from carrying backpacks a shoulder rub would only be the start to thanking them for all their hard work.

By the time we were done our massages it was after 11pm. We wondered around, found a cute little place to enjoy an ice cream cone. Slowly we made our way back to the square. By this time it was about 11:50 and the street were so packed with people we couldn’t be near the countdown clock. We decided to stay on the perimeter for fear of getting trampled or thrown up on. Fireworks were going off, people were cheering and laughing all excited to ring in the New Year.

In the end, I am glad we were on Pub Street with our kids top ring in the new year. It was a great time and experience for all of us.

We are looking forward to all the adventures that 2015 will bring. New countries we will explore; new people we will meet; new obstacles to overcome. We will see where 2015 takes us. We welcome all of this wholeheartedly and with open arms. I hope you continue to follow up as we continues our travels.  We will continue with our  “Turning Back the Clock” Series and fill you in  on our adventures in Thailand over the past few weeks.