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Elephant Nature Park, Northern Thailand February 28th (by Len)

I knew that heading would grab your attention. Now you’ll have to read on and learn what it means.

Our second last day at Elephant Nature Park was also my 50th Birthday, something that I honestly hoped would pass quietly, because I’m feeling kinda old, it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was only half that age!!!  Now most of you will know by now that I have been trying for years to reduce the amount of “stuff”  and “clutter”, in my life, as I have way too much of it.  This overall is a good goal, but the kids sometimes find it frustrating, when it comes to birthdays and Christmas because they just can’t go and buy me another “item” as a gift, “what do we get for dad?”  Family Bucketeers was faced with a challenge, what do we get for dad’s 50th, while we are on the road, trying to keep a compact and light load, and definitely nothing to collect dust on the mantle (we don’t have a mantle anyways).  Well my family, as usual gave me a wonderful gift.

Can anyone guess, what they gave me? Probably not, and I never saw it coming either.  What I was given was the honor of naming one of ENP’s rescued puppies.  The ENP Dog Shelter has a Name a Puppy Program, and for a donation to the shelter, you get to name one of its puppies.  So on my birthday, on a beautiful hot sunny Saturday afternoon we all walked down to the Dog Shelter at the far end of the Park.  Once there we got to meet a very cute energetic group of puppies.

There was a family of mixed breed pups who were about six weeks old. Once we got into their area, they were all wagging their tails, jumping up to get our attention and licking us at every chance.  I picked one who quietly got my attention, like “Please pick me!”

I wanted the name I chose to be unique and be related to our time at ENP, related to our travelling round the world and to be a name that would catch someone’s attention in order to get that pup adopted. I named him “Freedom”.  Freedom is one of ENP’s big goals for its animals, travelling round the world is very much related to freedom and I think, Freedom will catch someone’s attention and eye that he’ll be adopted by a new family.

I got to have a great 50th birthday, and though I stretched the title of this blog just a little, you now know who has become an honorary member of The Family Bucketeers.