Isaac Newton said that objects in rest stay in rest, while objects in motion stay in motion.

For months we have talked about returning home, buying a new home, getting the kids back into school and getting back to our old lives. We discussed me returning to work and first having to buy clothes that were office appropriate as my beat up Teva’s and thread bare t-shirts just wouldn’t cut it. We talked about what activities the kids would start up and how excited they would be to see their friends. But during those discussions we also talked about the possibility of continuing to explore this wonderful world we live in. The kids are thriving, learning so much more than they would sitting in a school desk, meeting new friends and are doing well with thieir online classes. Len has been learning to adjust to a changing environment, which has been good for his mental and physical health. Slowly, over time our conversations shifted. We talked more about how to make ongoing travel a real possibility. Now we no longer feel that returning to Canada and buying a new home are currently important for our family. We don’t want to return to our old lives. We want to continue to learn about ourselves and the world around us.

So the plan is to return home for about a month in May so we can wrap up a few things up. We need to deal with our cottage, try to sell our vehicles and have the kids finish their online schooling in Canada.  After that we will be moving to Spain for at least a year (maybe longer).  We all fell in love with Spain when we were there for a month last summer, so picking a home base was easy.  We have all wanted to return to Spain.  And besides, the kids are wanting to become fluent in Spanish and Spain is the perfect place to do this. Noah hopes to volunteer with Diverbo again in the summer.  For our family, Spain just makes sense.

We are still trying to figure out the best place in Spain.  More than likely it will be along the Mediterranean, but in a city that is big enough to have a good school and activities for the kids.  Not exactly sure what Len and I will do as we are not permitted to work in Spain… so I guess it will give us a chance to test drive retirement before we actually retire from the workforce.  Flights in Europe are so cheap which will let us travel more of Europe when the kids have school breaks.  There are so many countries in Europe we want to see and learn more about.

We are excited to be taking a page out of Newton’s book of physics and stay in motion.  Our next adventure awaits.  We did spend a month in Almunecar, Spain last summer, and other than that the longest we have stayed in one country was Morocco, and while there we moved 5 times.  So staying in one place for a year will be fun.  We are so excited about this next adventure and hope to keep blogging about it. We hope you will come along with us, even if it’s only through our blog.  Maybe we’ll get better at this blogging thing and see if we can make some money out of it.

Oh, and one more thing….





April Fools!!!

We’ll see you in May.

Disclaimer: This April Fool’s Day hoax is in memory of my Grandma; she always played the best April Fool’s Day jokes on us.  I hope she is having a good laugh at this one.  Missing you today Grandma.