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Honolulu, Hawaii

May 2015


19th Country visited on our round the world adventures.


Last stop on our round the world trip.

Hawaii marks our 19th country visited (21 if we count layovers) on this amazing adventure. We never intended to make a stop in Hawaii, but when it came to finding flights out of Brisbane, Australia there wasn’t anything under $1500 per person ($6000 total). Ouch!! We never spent that much on a one-way ticket anywhere and doing so would’ve been a hard pill to swallow.  I continued to look for other options and finally found some inexpensive flights to Honolulu, Hawaii with JetStar.  Awesome price, about $360 each, $1430 total, with extra luggage fees, from Brisbane to Honolulu. Even with extra fees, it was still way cheaper than 1/2 of the original $6000 flights.  For the 2nd half of our return home I found cheap WestJet flights, from Honolulu to Saskatchewan for $220 each, $881 including luggage fees.  So the total cost of getting back home from Australia was approximately $580 per person.  Wow, that was a saving of almost $1000 per person.  How could we not stop and enjoy a little R & R on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii before getting back to our real lives?  Now I know what you’re are probably thinking, and you are correct.  A beauty of our travel was not being on a defined schedule, we were flexible and able to get up and go when we wanted to …or when we saw the best travel deals.  Flexibility in our schedule presented us with more inexpensive travel/tour and accommodation  arrangements, has undeniably been a financial advantage.

We were definitely stretching this experience out for as long as possible, returning home with less than a week before having to return to work. But it was worth it.

We spent two weeks in Hawaii and for the first two days we just slept and ate. I don’t think we will ever get used to the jetlag!  Our condo was small, but had everything we needed.  And most importantly, we were just a short walk to the beach. We had two weeks on the beautiful island of Honolulu and spent much of it lazing on the beach and playing in the warm crystal blue waters.

Hawaii was the perfect place for Len and me to celebrate our 15th anniversary and Noah’s 14th birthday.  Never did we think we would be celebrating our anniversary or a birthday twice while on this trip.  But it was a special bonus nonetheless. Our next posts will tell you about the amazing things we did to celebrate these occasions, so stay tuned.

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