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DSC_0154 a We are Len, Roxanne, Noah & Aurora from Canada. After returning from the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada we made the decision to see the world. Four years later we leave on our epic trip. We hope to see and explore the world one bucket list entry at a time.
This blog follows the joys and the pain in both planning and living life exploring the world!

We welcome your questions, travel tips and well wishes!

9 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. So happy for you all. Look forward to following you throughout your journey.

  2. What an exciting trip you are looking forward to. I will be thinking of all of you somewhere out there in the world

  3. Lucille said:

    I am thrilled to follow your blog. As we have a lot of travelling in our lives, it excites me to see how adventurous you all are and how brave. I give you so much credit for following through with your dream. Very, very few people have the guts. Safe travels.

  4. Lucille said:

    Just a quick take care and God Bless. And always safe travels…

  5. So glad you guys found us and bittersweet to see your photos of Almunecar. 🙂 We are loving Southeast Asia, but missing Spain! 🙂

  6. Jody Polowick said:

    Hello Bucketeers!
    I am a teacher with the Sun West School Division DLC as well as a producer. The DLC has tasked me with creating some promotional videos about distance learning, and the DLC. We were wondering if your family might be willing to participate. Please contact me by email and I can send you more information.
    P.S. I love that you are travelling as a family!

  7. Jan Zhang said:

    Glad we had the chance to meet in the camp grounds at Lync Haven. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your adventures in the Daintree. If ever you come to Cairns again, come visit us.

    Jan Zhang

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