Bucket List

For months we had large sheets of paper hanging on our walls; and we would each jot down things we would like to see or do on the trip. So here we go, our “bucket list”. This seems to be a growing list, so don’t be surprise to see new things added. We call get to dream a little, and we hope to make some of these dream a reality while on this trip.

Just because Items:

Learn to Scuba Dive

Visit every continent

Fly first class

Take a leap of faith

Learn Spanish (started, we took classes in Ecuador for two weeks May 2014)

Learn to surf

Arrive at airport and book next flight out

Make a difference in someone else’s life

Hold a baby chicken (I think you can figure out who wants to do this)


Amsterdam – visit Anne frank’s house

Austria – Sound of Music

Belgium – eat chocolate and waffles

Budapest – take thermal bath

England – See Stonehenge

France – hang a lock on paris’ love lock bridge (August 2014), picnic on the grass surrounding the Eifel Tower (got there too late in the day to have a picnic – August 2014, Go to the Cannes Film Festival, Visit the Louvre (France) (August 2014)

Germany – touch the Berlin wall (Berlin); down a pint at Oktoberfest in Munich (Germany), drive the Autobahn

Greece – Visit the Parthenon, Greek Island hop

Italy – take Leaning Tower of Pisa picture, eat pizza in Naples, make wish in the Trevi fountain, ride a gondola in Venice, spend an afternoon in the Uffizi Gallery, Attend the opera at La Scala in Milan, cycle Tuscany

Vatican – tour the smallest country and mail a postcard home, attend a mass

Spain – attend running of the bulls, sleep in cave house, throw tomatoes in la tomatina

Switzerland – go to top of Europe (zurich), learn to yodel

Portugal – walk through umbrella street (Agueda)

Netherlands – stand in field of tulips

Russia-Ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad , Visit the Kremlin and Red Square

Middle East/Eastern Europe

Turkey – watch Sufi whirl, visit stone mirror (Istanbul), Trojan horse (Canakkale), Visit the Hagia Sophia, Hot air balloon Cappadocia


Ride in a tuk tuk

Indonesia – see the Borobudur; slide down the canal water slide; practice yoga on the beach; visit Wayan (from Eat, Pray and Love)

Micronesia – float in Jellyfish Lake

Thailand – Full moon party; join in worlds larges water fight; send off a lantern in the Yi Peng Lantern festival; walk through night bazaar; eat from floating market; see temple of dawn; trek through the knao yai national park (Bangkok); full moon on koh phangan (Thailand)

Vietnam – overnight boat in halong bay

Cambodia – visit Angkor wat

China – sleep on the Great Wall, See the terracotta warriors, Visit Tibet , Climb to Everest Base Camp (Nepal), Huanshan, china – walk on the bridge of immortals , see Blue Mosque, Datong Hanging temples; see if Bhutan is really the happiest place on earth.

Japan – See the sunrise from Mt Fuji, Meditate in the Zen Garden of Kyoto

New Zealand

Zorbing; take boat ride through the waitomo glowworm caves;


look for kangaroos in the outback; visit pink lake; snorkel and maybe even scuba drive at the great barrier reef; Climb Ayer’s Rock (Australia), Travel the Gold Coast (Australia), See a performance at Sydney Opera House (Australia)

South America

attend soccer match; see Machu Picchu (peru) (May 2014); visit the sacred valley; sleep in a monastery; visit the Uyuni salt flats (Bolivia) (June 2014); sand surf; photograph the Moal Statues at Easter Island; see Giant Turtles (Galapagos) (May 2014), See Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) (May 2014) , Sail down the Amazon river , Learn Spanish (South America) (May 2014), Visit Easter Island, partake in the Carnival parade (Brazil) Visit Christ Redeemer in Rio (Brazil)


go on safari; play with penguins; ride an ostrich; kloofing; visit Morocco’s Blue City (Chefchaouen); Visit Victoria Falls (Zambia) , camel trek in the Sahara (August 28-29, 2014)